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Fiction Fantasy
Artist | Varied
Salutations! I am Fictasy!
Please, have a seat. I hope that you enjoy your stay.
I have a deep passion for many forms of the arts; what I upload to DeviantART specifically being literature.
While things can become varied on here, for the most part, I am a writer. I occasionally indulge in uploading other art forms, such as pixel, sketch, photography, or other, but you will find mainly poetry & prose here, and I encourage you to give my literature folder a good look!
(Pretty, pretty please? :aww:)

A Dream of Wings (Loki/Reader)
   "I can't; I'm scared." [_____] said, holding tightly onto Loki's arm.
   "Oh, come now. You've been dreaming of this forever." Loki stated, pulling his lady off of him.
It was early dawn by the time that they arrived at the edge of the cliff. Loki had awoken [_____] from her sweet sleep at 4:00am, because she was "Dreaming too loud". She was a little bit pissy, but eventually was convinced to get dressed & leave on horseback with her love.
   As far back as Loki could remember their time together, [_____] had always dreamed of flight. Faeries, planes, angels, mutation, getting her hands on Sam Wilson's flightpack, etc. She had a dear obsession and fascination with open air...and so, Loki decided to make her dreams come true on that cold, hazy, winter morning.
   "They're beautiful, but..." [_____] chuckled slightly, "...they feel so foreign,"
   "That's because they are, but you just need to relax into them,"
Loki gently stroked
A Name (Charles XavierXReader)
   " Well, we need to name her something." Charles said, bouncing the small infant on his knee.
   " What about Kat?" (Name) asked, putting the clean glasses into the cupboard.
Charles sighed & looked at his daughter, " No, Kat is a nick-name. It would be tacky, she needs something respectable."
   " Well, what about Katherine, then? We could call her Kitty Kat." (Name) proposed, closing the cupboard & walking into the living-room.
   " I don't really care for Katherine..." Charles groaned.
(Name) stopped for a moment, before sitting down beside her husband & newborn child. She knew that they had time, but she was rather excited to give the baby a name. She was tired of Erik calling her, "Cock-Block", as if Charles would have dropped (Name) had she not been pregnant.
   She knew that getting Logan to stop calling her "Bub" would have slim odds of working, but it was worth a try.
   " I just don't know what would fi
Behind Blu's Eyes (Stephen StrangeXReader [SHORT])
    "What in the world...?" Stephen looked over [_____]'s shoulder.
[_____] jumped ever so slight, and pulled her headphones off her ears. "Stephen, you spooked me!" she said, holding her hand to her chest.
    "I'm sorry," he said, leaning over and kissing her cheek. "What are you drawing?"
    "Oh! It's a Cinori!" [_____] replied. Stephen looked rather confused, so she decided to elaborate. "It's a species I created, isn't it cute?"
    "Huh..." Stephen nodded, and walked into the kitchen. "I hope by 'Created' you mean imagined, because I have seen you around a microscope. "Stephen, this is amazing! Why does my DNA glow?!""
    "Come on, Sourpuss. I didn't know how the light worked...until you flicked it could have at least laughed..."
    "It wasn't funny, it was brutally disappointing." Stephen said, pulling some kind of packaged meat out of the fridge.
[_____] sighed. "Okay, be that way...look, Steve, I worked r


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